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March 12, 2014
Surrey Place Dental Group in Surrey
May 3, 2014
Our Professional Mission is to provide the best and most complete care to my patients with honesty, kindness and integrity. To keep learning and improving our skills.

Dentures have been with us for a long time and they have been the only real option up until now. I personally recommend dental implants as alternatives to dentures to many of my patients. The risk of oral health problems, slippage, and overall discomfort in the mouth diminish the efficacy of traditional dentures. Moreover, the fact that many people report feeling unsatisfied and inconvenienced with maintaining their dentures contributes to these same feelings. Dental implants offer permanent solutions for teeth replacement and therefore can avoid any inconveniences associated with maintaining dentures.

Dental implants circumvent most, if not all problems associated with dentures. They are firmly placed in the jawbone and in this way they prevent slippage. With dental implants, managing your dental hygiene is much easier because there is no hardware present in the mouth that could contain food particles or foster bacterial growth. They look and work just like normal, natural teeth, which allows for normal speaking and eating.

Finally, dental implants are flexible to suit your replacement needs. They can come in the form of multiple teeth or full mouth dental implants, giving patients the ability to take full advantage of their benefits compared to the same type of dentures. As a dedicated dental implant dentist, I care deeply about your needs surrounding teeth replacement. Come to Surrey Dental Implants and see why your dentures can be a thing of the past.

My patients are fellow dentists, physicians, and other health care professionals

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is essentially an artificial replacement for your tooth roots. So when you have one or more teeth missing, instead of going through life with all the challenges that it imposes in the face of tooth loss, you can easily have a dental implant placed which can ultimately give you the feeling of having your natural teeth back. Now, given the advancements that dentistry has had in recent times, the success rate of dental implants, which at one time was not very high, has gone up dramatically. At the same time, costs have not gone up to the extent many would imagine, of course subject to various factors such as the extent of dental implants needed, dental hygiene of the patient as well as overall dental condition, especially in relation to the age of the patient.

On the whole, dental implants provide a holistic solution with regard to tooth replacement – in the face of tooth loss, when there seems to be a virtual barrage of challenges at every step in life, for a patient suffering from tooth absence. Accordingly, any individual facing the prospect of tooth loss or already suffering from the same would definitely be recommended very strongly to go in for a dental implant consultation, to see if they are a good candidate.

  • Improved appearance
  • Easy consumption of food
  • Convenient
  • Durable
  • Enhanced speech


  1. Devan T. says:

    I’m a patient of Dr. Maru. He’s done 3 dental implants me. Let’s just say it is absolutely the best investment I’ve made. No more dentures for this guy!

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