best new westminster dentist
Dr. Sarika Sachdiva – New Westminster Dentist
October 20, 2017
best vancouver dentist
Dr. Siavash Alam – Vancouver Dentist
October 20, 2017
best delta dentist

Dr. Sethi loves connecting with her patients as much as her own family, and strives to exceed their expectations.

Dr. Sethi is perhaps best known for her friendly bedside manner and sound advice that is always best for the patient. “Call me Jasmine” is what she replies to patients who respectfully refer to her as Dr. Sethi.

Her many outstanding reviews online portray her as a calm, reassuring individual who will stop at nothing until her patients are given the best dental care while mitigating costs as much as possible along the way.

We can say for a fact that her online commentary does not do her justice because she is even better in person!

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