Dentists in Alberta Suspended from Providing Anesthesia

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The Alberta Dental Association and College (ADA&C) has permanently suspended single operator sedation.

Is this a trend that could spread throughout Canada?

The motion was passed at a meeting on May 24, which states that registered dentists in Alberta can no longer “simultaneously provide deep sedation or general anesthesia and dental treatment.”

The motion also requires the ADA&C council to adopt the American Society of Anesthesiologists Continuum of Depth of Sedation in defining various levels of sedation. The levels range from the lowest “minimal” to the highest “general.”

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Learn more about the incident that lead to this decision – click here for more.


  1. It is an entirely appropriate and wise decision.

    The administration of general anaesthesia in dental practices in the UK was banned over 15 years ago due to deaths of young children in a dental chair.

    Since that time, only in a hospital setting with suitably qualified anaesthetists, can general anaesthesia be administered. This decision stopped unnecessary and tragic deaths.

  2. Mark says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more Dr. Sanghera. The last thing we need are more reasons to scare off patients from visiting the dentist.

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