May 8, 2014

How often should I really be going to the dentist?

The reason why most dentists recommend visiting them every 6 months is so that potential problems or ailments can be caught early and dealt with before they become extremely difficult and costly to tackle.
May 6, 2014

When should I bring my child to the dentist for the first time?

According to the Canadian Dental Association, assessments of infants by a dentist are encouraged either within the 6 months following the eruption of the first tooth, or before a child is one year of age.
May 5, 2014

How common is gum disease among Canadians? How does it develop?

Surprisingly, 7 out of every 10 Canadians will develop a form of gum disease in their lifetime. Gum disease is the most common dental problem and it is extremely important to prevent it before it occurs. Luckily, it can be very easy to prevent it.
May 4, 2014

Sapperton Dental in New Westminster

Our patient-centered practice offers comprehensive dental care with an equal commitment to preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry.
May 4, 2014

Accord Dental Clinic in Vancouver

Welcome to Accord Dental at 2385 West 4th Avenue! Our office has been a staple of the business community since the 1960s here in Kitsilano.
May 3, 2014

Surrey Place Dental Group in Surrey

We are conveniently situated on the main floor of Central City Shopping Centre, giving all our patrons easy access to our dental clinic.
May 1, 2014

Surrey Dental Implants

Our Professional Mission is to provide the best and most complete care to my patients with honesty, kindness and integrity. To keep learning and improving our skills.