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January 17, 2017
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New Alzheimer’s Drug Claims to Regrow Teeth

The research was performed at King’s College London and was published this month in Scientific Reports, explaining how the new drug can stimulate stem cell growth in tooth pulp. The process generates new dentine, the mineral that surrounds and protects the tooth, which would essentially eliminate the need for fillings or cement.

Something that has been in the news as of late is the claim that a new drug used to treat patients with Alzheimer’s has been found to have the fortunate side effect of triggering dental regrowth. Tideglusib has been on the market for a few years due to its effectiveness in treating the horrible degenerative disease, but now further research has shown its effectiveness in patients with dental trauma or infection. This is huge news in the dental world because this breakthrough can one day lead to the complete elimination of dental fillings.